A very proficient writer/artist/blogger friend of mine convinced me I could use this website as a place for the stories of my family history.  I could also just post blogs on various topics.  She blogs everyday, all very thought provoking.

I doubt I will ever blog as much as she does.  However, I will update and add pages on my various ancestors with the goal of eventually having a site where family members can catch of glimpse of our common ancestry.

Married at 17.

The woman in the picture below is my grandmother.  She married at 17 and by the time she was 27, she had five children living in a house with no plumbing, and raising rabbits to eat.  She died at 78, and I knew almost nothing about her, except she was very committed to her Baptist church, and made beautiful, handmade quilts.

“Mamo” as we called her, is an inspiration to me.

Ethel Downey Dawson, 25, and her children, Nadine, 2, Edith, 6, Mendos, 7, Euzell, 4. Their home in the rear was known as “The Gap”. Husband and father Clinton Dawson decided the family would run a grocery store. The children slept in one large room of the building, the parents in a smaller room. It is unknown why my grandfather never opened the store. The photo was taken around 1918.