About Me

I was born in Corcoran, in California’s Central Valley, the middle child of hardworking parents.  Corcoran had at the time an abundance of cows and cotton.  I left for college, graduating first from College Phil, Pat and Kay Thorsonof the Sequoias with an AA, then then from Cal Poly SLO in 1972.

The first automated word processor I used was in 1972.  It was an IBM Mag Card “Selectric” Typewriter.  A single page was stored on a Mylar-based magnetic card.  The cards were stacked, and printed from the typewriter.

The technology amazed me.  I was the technical typist for a research and development firm in Denver, and I started using this marvelous machine to “type” tanks (x’s and o’s typed in the shape of a tank, with the o’s indicating the vulnerability).

Fast forward to 1982, and my husband at the time was going to be an author.  He needed a computer.  I remember sitting at the dining room table reading the manual, and not getting any results.  I don’t know how many hours I attempted to open that computer, but I finally did, after discovering that the period at the end of the sentence was NOT a part of the entry.

I’ve continued to work on computers and laptops, learning DOS, the various Microsoft operating systems, and even an Apple database program that I used at a middle school when I was a guidance tech.

All the technology and programs were puzzles.  And now I’m tinkering with this website.  It’s a huge learning curve, but fun.

So this website is not focused on any one area of my life.  It reflects my interests, in all their various stages.  Genealogy is, as you can see, a significant interest.  I’ve been working on it more since the arrival of my granddaughter.  I also enjoy travel and using Photoshop Elements.  Here’s a few of my pictures I’ve digitally made into “watercolors.”